Projects in Development

Robert Berson Projects

The Fifth Horseman

It’s a beautiful modern-day for rancher and family patriarch Roy Standing, who takes pride in the land that he owns for as far as you can see. Then it starts to rain. (Feature Film)


Dina Doe – not her real name, though she says she’s a cousin of John Doe – is an ex-Army marksman. She’s gone far down the rabbit hole and presently seems to be serving two masters – a murder-for-hire organization and a shadow branch of the CIA. But in truth, in her heart, she serves neither.

She’s only taken this path in pursuit of righting an old wrong that won’t let her rest. Even risking her love for Erin, who as inconvenience would have it, is a detective in the LAPD homicide department hunting for Dina Doe. When all is said and done, it will be time to write somebody’s epitaph. (Feature Film)

Charlotte’s Web

She can make anyone’s problems disappear except her own. (TV Series)

Untitled CyberPunk Project

Legendary Cyber Technology and the Woman who stole them. (Feature Film)

The Keeper

Scott Nygard, 20s, has always wanted to be involved in greatness. Growing up in Massachusetts, he thought hockey would be the answer to his dreams. He was wrong. (TV Series)


He is the man behind one of the most powerful man in the city


An outspoken California congressman, Jim Trent, is running for re-election. A widower just finally getting over the loss of his wife, he now faces potential loss again when his 13-year-old daughter is kidnapped. (Feature Film)

Past Time

PAST TIME is an animated musical that brings together beloved characters from Disney and Pixar’s archives. (Animated Feature Film)

Green Door

When the most desirable actress in Hollywood, Clair de Lune, goes on a rampage of infidelity, her adoring husband, actor Mitch Ferguson, has no choice but to follow her through the Green Door. (Feature Film)

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