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RBP is a multifaceted production and management company. Robert started in the music business at a young age playing drums for many bands and artist’s. After many years of touring and doing session work he decided to learn a little more about the industry. He converted one of the levels in his home into a recording studio. At that time a chance meeting with Ryan Key turned his newly built studio into the the setting for an album for pop punk band “yellowcard”.

Robert Berson Projects

After many years of working with Artist from all genre’s Robert realized the artist’s he was working with in his recording studio department were having difficulties with contract’s, booking’s and general management of their brand. Since Robert had already built relationships with labels, venues and other producers due to his recording studio he set out to add management to his companies services. While running his full service recording studio he was simultaneously managing a handful of clients which included Pop, Rock, Country and even Dj’s

“Most rockstar’s want to be actors and most actors want to be rockstar’s”,

So another department was added to RBP…… Theatrical Management!

Robert Berson Projects

The road from musician to music producer to music manager to film and TV producer is a long drawn out story we will not bore you with much longer… The closing of his “about” section will conclude with….

Between music and managing Robert was also dabbling in the movie business whether in front of the camera or behind. Robert was always known as a connector in the industry both in music and film. He was representing music producers, musicians, actors, writers, financiers etc., So he decided to partner up with his clients, friends, and his relationships to one last time (hopefully) create his latest vision…..

Robert Berson Projects

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